That was a poor stunt, running out on us like that. You should know better. We have found you. We will always find you.

You know the rules, any action out of the ordinary, you're dead. Any delay in paying, you're dead. If we irrationally feel like it, you're dead. We will be watching. You won't see us but we'll be there. Locker C48, Waterloo. You have seven days.

Mc Manus.

The Royal Mail,
Tilburn House,
London NW1.

John Archer
10 Maybourne St
London SW10


Dear Sir / Madam,

Enclosed is a letter I received last week, intended for my twin brother Jeffrey. Unfortunately we have not been in contact for some years and I do not know his current address. If you could please update your database to this effect I would be most grateful as I have no wish to become embroiled in my brother's affairs again. There is no sender address on the outside of the envelope and I have not opened it. This I leave to your judgement,

Yours Faithfully,

John Archer.

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