M@Online Credits

(in order of )

Tim Brown >
Cyberspace fish man and illegal advice.

"Why aren't I on your credits you F \_/ ( /< ing little /:@~t@rd"

< Adolph Hitler
Moral guidance and tea boy.

"Hang on, you're not Himmler..."

Gavin Locke >
Extorsion and dancer.

"I'll break your fingers."

< Lara Coleman (left)
Best boy grip.

"You can love your pets, you just can't *luuurve* your pets..."

Charlotte Middleton >
Energy management consultant.

"Good morning birds, good morning trees..."

< Nik Makepeace
Happiness and joy.


Geoff Norburn and
Pope John Paul II >

Suppliers of young boys
to the cast and crew.

"Have you finished in there yet?"

< Rich Sidebottom
Entertainment on set.

"Perhaps if I undo this..."

Jo Farmer >
Rampant beauty and
dishonesty lessons.

"Who wants a fight then?"


< Dave Carter
Marriage guidance.

"No, no, I'm happy with the Mondeo..."

Dr James Walters >
Brotherly love and
immoral support

"Most of the time I just guess..."


< Tim Lawrence
Hair Stylist.

"Yeah, yeah!"

Gary Pready<
A total cult.

"No, but I really do hate this coat..."


< Hannar May
Stress Therapist.


Richard Price <

"Mat, what colour were those last lights?"

< Meg Korsinsky
Batgirl to cast and crew.

"I don't fancy Bon Jovi!"

Claire Harrison & Marianne Carter <
Drugs and fry-ups (respectively)

"Havn't they got Vimto?"

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